Our Strategy

Terralpe sees Real Estate as a vehicle for human growth.

We continually assess the Real Estate marketplace for value-added, ground-up, and land development. We invest in with a focus on office, learning environments, and multifamily. We bring value to our assets by a lens on human-centered design, by our expertise in physical transformation, and by actively taking part in development and property management.

Our investment goal is to gain incremental returns with taking adequate risk.

Investment Thesis

To identify motivated sellers, partners, or under-performing properties, mismanaged, and/or difficult to finance. Having identified an investment opportunity, Terralpe adheres to a prudent and fundamental quantitative methodology by controlling risk assumptions and emphasizing downside protection.

Terralpe believes in engineering value through design, functionality, and execution as opposed to timing a given market. Assumptions are carefully formulated, highlighting key economic drivers and quantifiable evidence. Through hands-on asset management, each property is optimized for disposition as a stabilized liquid investment, maintaining a consistent performance through fluctuations in the business cycle.

Target Investment Criteria

Property Types
Gross Property Value
Investment Strategies
Investment Structures
Average Holding Period
Office, learning environments, multifamily, retail
$20-100 million
Value-add, ground-up opportunities, land development
18-24hr cities in Mexico and United States
Return participation, equity investment and joint-ventures
Mid to long-term


Terralpe invests in dynamic urban markets throughout Mexico and currently venturing into the United States.