Leadership Team

We're a highly professional third generation family owned private real estate investment and property management firm.
We believe in collaboration, perspective taking and trust.
Managing Partner | USA

Javier Prieto Echeverría

Javier heads Terralpe's business development initiative in the international marketplace.
Leader, people oriented and educator, mountain climber, and strong believer in human transformation through space environments.
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Managing Partner | Mexico

Pablo Prieto Echeverría

Pablo is responsible for Terralpe investments, and manages over +70,000 m2 of Terralps's corporate offices and education portfolio. He is actively evaluating new business opportunities.
Strategist and detailed oriented, photographer, well-focused to making things happen.
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Rodolfo Quintana

Rodolfo oversees Terralpe's accounting, finance, and human resources. Assures project success with his expertise in processes and by noticing the details.
Veteran in business development and operations, great negotiator, passionate and detail focused CPA. Enjoys horseback riding and outdoors.
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Santiago Prieto Echeverría

Santiago is the lead technology and information officer.
Design thinker, entrepreneur, business strategist, Industrial Designer, and iOS/web/backend developer.
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Board of Advisors

We treasure experience.
Listening as a way to action is a core value of our group.

Javier Prieto Sierra

Javier Sr. is Terralpe's founder and former President. He adds vision and inspiration to the Group. Javier served for over 30 years as the President of Escuela Bancaria y Comercial, Mexico's Business School, providing stewardship and vision for its multicampus growth across Mexico.
Veteran in Real Estate, educator, accountant, strategist and solver. He believes in leadership through example.
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Gustavo O'Farrill Ayala

For over 17 years, Gustavo has represented and helped family offices, companies, universities, and private equity funds to carry out their real estate projects. He facilitates conversations to help conceptualize projects, map out strategies, and activate key players for success.
Veteran in Real Estate, triggers meaningful conversations to help align visions and get things done.
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Julio Gutierrez Mercadillo

For over 20 years, Julio has occupied leadership positions in multinational retail organizations. Born in Mexico, Julio, has traveled extensively leading teams to success. Currently is a professor at Universidad Iberoamericana and serves as an advisor in 5+ corporations.
Corporate leader, and Visioneer, he believes in human nature as a way to transform organizations.
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